Membership Preference Survey


First and foremost, thank you to all that replied.  265 surveys were sent out and we received responses from 87 - a 32.8% response rate, which is very positive. We were particularly interested in several key areas: Certifications, Dues and Membership, Meeting format and Member suggestions.   Responses are summarized below.  The complete survey responses can be found by clicking here 


56.3% currently hold C.P.M. certification, but only 14% have their CPSM.  Of the group without CPSM, 39.5% plan to work toward it within the next 12 months. Of this group, 71.3% do not plan to attend any type of formalized CPSM training.


66.7% of dues are paid by the employer.  Of the 33.3% that currently pay their own – the responses were split: 44.8% of the employers have never paid, 34.5% previously paid but have now eliminated this and 20.7% have hopes of their employer payment may resume in the future.

The good news is 96.6% of our current members plan to renew their membership for 2011.  However, on a more troubling note – only 27.4% have invited a guest to join them at our meeting within the last year and only 35.7% plan to do so in the upcoming year.   This is an area that needs special attention.  We invite all of you to be ambassadors for ISM SEM and spread the word about our organization.  Inviting guests is a great way for others to find out what we are all about. The board would like to challenge everyone to bring at least one new guest in the upcoming year.

Meeting Format:

85.4% of respondents were happy with our current format of pre-dinner and keynote speaker on a monthly basis. However, 87.4% responding would also like the option to do a facility tour. 64.9% would like the tour in lieu of a regular monthly meeting and 35.1% as an additional event.

The survey indicates the members like the monthly dinner meeting formats.  This is important information to understand as this is the essence of our financial challenge.  The remaining funds from annual dues after national fees are extracted no longer covers the costs of all administration, programming and meals.   This business model worked very well when a large number of non-participating members provided a greater annual funding base from which to cover budget expenses.

The Board is open to suggestions as to how we can continue to provide the same quality programs and dinners meetings through a different funding model.

 Member Comments/Suggestions:

   (These have been grouped in categories for easy summarization)

  • Sponsorships/advertising – approved by majority (82.3%) to allow for purpose of revenue generation for chapter.

  • Meetings are used primarily for education (75.6%) and networking opportunities (66.7%).

  • Presentations – broaden topics to include more service related purchasing (including healthcare industry) and higher level purchasing/supply chain professionals.

  • Increase membership base by focusing on young professionals (20’s and 30’s) as well as students

  • Stay true to time commitments for meetings

  • Offer incentives for membership – hold drives with prizes to be awarded

  • Provide mentoring services for members, as well as address job search/unemployment issues.

The board attempts to deliver to the membership quality programming that fits the current needs of the members.  As you are no doubt aware, our membership has declined since the recession began in 2008.  We are trying to maintain the same high quality programming as in the past, on a much smaller budget.  We want to make you aware that $110 (over 45%) of your annual dues comes straight off the top and goes to ISM National.  That being said – we are working with your remaining dues to try to cover the costs of all administration, programming and meals.   This business model no longer is covering all of these costs due to the sharp decrease in membership.  As an affiliate we need to focus on increasing revenue.

We encourage all members to invite guests and get involved with the board.  We would love to broaden our focus and work on new projects, but it takes volunteers who will commit their time to such endeavors. Please talk to any of the directors for information about the local affiliate and ways that you can become more involved. 

We look forward to serving our membership and growing our chapter in the upcoming year.  

The complete survey responses can be found by clicking here 


 Deb Roy, CPSM, C.P.M.


ISM-Southeast Michigan, Inc.